Chair Yoga for those with chronic pain.




Intervention Services offered to break through the addicted person’s denial, so they can experience a moment of clarity, see the depth of the problem, and accept help.


Family Support in Coping with a Loved One Suffering from Addiction

Group will begin when 3 people enroll.  Group is co-facilitated by 2 licensed
addiction professionals and focuses on the unique issues that family members face
when a loved one is suffering from addiction.

Topics covered include:
Communication, trauma, conflict, family roles, coping strategies and addiction disease model education.

Groups are held Saturday mornings from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM, require enrollment and are open ended.

Cost is $40 per session.

Grief After Loss of a Loved One due to Addiction.

Group will begin when 3 people enroll. Group is co-facilitated by 2 licensed addiction professionals and focused on the unique issues that family members face after the loss of loved one due to addiction.

Topics covered include: Grief, trauma, conflict, family dynamics, coping strategies, death and dying.

Groups are held Saturday mornings from 10:30 AM to noon, require enrollment and are open ended.

Cost is $40 per session.






Dr. Ann Baldwin offers Equine Facilitated Learning which promotes personal exploration of feelings and behaviors in an educational format through unmounted interactions with horses. Horses are sensitive, feeling oriented animals who can recognize peoples’ emotions. Dr. Baldwin guides clients through equine facilitated activities with the aid of breath control, emotional projection and biofeedback technology. By experiencing a horse’s reaction, clients can access their feelings and emotions and learn to adapt them to their greater good. Sessions take place at a barn 8.5 miles east of Palo Santo. Dr. Baldwin is a horse owner and rider and has volunteered at Therapeutic Riding of Tucson for over 12 years.

Call Dr. Baldwin to schedule – 520-991-9458




Join us for up coming ‘pop up tea rooms’.  A good friend will be offering educational talks, various teas for sampling as well as selling teas from China and Japan.  We plan to have space available for working, reading, or quiet sharing with friends.