Tiffany Georgia – Yoga Therapist
Tiffany began her career in health & wellness in 2004 upon graduating from Pima Community College with her Associate’s Degree in Dental Hygiene.  She has always had a passion for empowering others to cultivate a more mindful way of living. In 2008, she was introduced to yoga, and she fell in love! Her personal practice has helped her to overcome the many obstacles life has presented her with such as naturally balancing her hormones, providing migraine prevention and relief, resolving digestive issues, alleviating anxiety and depression, overcoming trauma, as well as offering mental focus and overall physical wellness.
Tiffany’s path led her to Arizona School of Yoga, where she obtained her 200 hour teaching certification in Vinyasa Yoga. She recently received her 300 hour Master Level Teacher certification through Inner Vision Yoga’s Healing Emphasis Yoga Therapy training program and is currently applying for her Yoga Therapy license with IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists).
“Throughout this journey I confidently empower my students to experience their bodies with attention and nurture. I am grateful for the beautiful changes yoga has cultivated in my own life and I love sharing my experience in hopes to impact the lives of others. Yoga is my ever-increasing love affair with mindful movement. Please join me on this Yoga Love journey.”   Tiffany can be reached at (520) 300-0078 or

Shelley Knuffke, LMT – Massage Therapist
Shelley began her love and study of natural medicine and holistic health over 30 years ago. She was a single mom so spent her time being mom and dad to her sons. She took a class here and there but could only recently dedicate herself to full time study. Shelley became a massage therapist because she believes in the healing power of touch therapies and believes massage allows the body to properly relax and use its innate ability to heal itself. She believes that the body mind and emotions can greatly benefit from massage, and quiet relaxation. Shelley incorporates aroma therapy, relaxation, stretching, strength and flexibility techniques into her sessions. She uses all natural and organic oils tailored to each client’s needs. She understands that no massage is like another but each one is unique and tailored to the specific needs of her client at that time. She is continuously studying the human body and new techniques for natural healing and massage. She is a firm believer that all we need to heal anything that ails us, mind, body or emotions can be found in nature and the power of touch therapies. Shelley enjoys nature and spending time with her children and grandchildren, who, she says are the light of her eyes and her inspiration for all she does. She knows and lives the truth of Hippocrates quote “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Shelley lives and shares her knowledge of proper nutrition and a vast understanding that if we feed our bodies properly, stretch and exercise properly, along with receiving regular massage, that the human body is absolutely capable of healing itself and being vital, energetic and free for our entire lifetime.  You can reach Shelley at 520.603.6605 or


Michelle Haro, LMT – Massage Therapist
Prior to becoming a licensed massage therapist, Michelle Haro held a fast-paced job in the computer software industry. Her experience with hip and joint pain, tension and long-term job stress has led her to seek massage therapy to heal her own body. Seeing the profound effect of massage on her own health, she decided to become a healer herself to help others. Michelle understands how mental and emotional stress can manifest itself within the physical body. Using a variety of massage techniques and modalities, Michelle works with clients who want effective relief from their aches and pains, as well as a place of refuge, relaxation and recovery from the stress of everyday life. Michelle’s philosophy of health care extends beyond healing the physical body; she believes that the power of touch can also bring awareness to our emotional and spiritual need to connect with another human being. Michelle is a native Tucsonian. When she is not helping a client or studying new massage techniques, you can find her reading a book, practicing meditation, or spending time with her fiance and their three canine babies.  One of Michelle’s favorite quotes: “The most important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” –Charles DuBois
Michelle can be contacted by phone or text at 520.333.7127 or email: Book an Appointment


Soleil Schwabe BA – Yoga Instructor
Soleil has been dancing since the age of 7.  Ballet was her love until she began doing Bikram yoga 10 years ago.  She graduated from Boston University in 2013 in Entrepreneurship and moved to Durango, Co where she practiced Vinyasa and Hatha yoga and completed her teacher certification in 2015.  Recently she moved back to Tucson where she is working in wellness with her mother and building restoration with her father.  She is also planning on opening a new gym in Tucson – Let’s Sweat.  Stay tuned!  As Princess Diana said, “I don’t want just to be but to do’.  Above all I am a student and class lover. I look forward to working with you”.  Soleil can be reached at 520.349.8465


Hollie Warnick, BS – Muscle Testing Practioner
Hollie has a BS in Biology with an emphasis on the human body. Since beginning work as a Psycho-Social Rehabilitation worker in 2011, she has continued to help people gain insight and heal from emotional wounding through therapeutic imagery, discussion, and distinctive educational theories. Hollie has completed coursework with the Muscle Testing Academy and now uses applied kinesiology to help you release and clear past issues or traumas so you can go forward toward your goals. “I come to each session ready to bring peace, joy, and clarity to your life. As you come ready to work, we will disappear old ways of being that seem to hold you back. In the new clearing, we create possibilities that speak to you. Get ready for extraordinary outcomes in your life and relationships!”  Hollie can guide and facilitate your journey towards well-being and growth.   She can be reached at (480)332—8971 or